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Мы являемся top addiction treatment center in Mumbai. We have an elite residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. We are well known for our great principles and we are spearheaded as the best addiction rehab centre in Mumbai for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

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We are the trusted rehab center in Mumbai based in a peaceful setting with serene views that are ideal for recovery. Our program is among the best and most trusted in India. Due to this reason, we are the most premium de-addiction centers for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Мы являемся drug addiction treatment center in Mumbai because we are proud to have a sturdy team of leading and qualified counselors and doctors. We have a well-versed team to stand out from the crowd. We have been providing the best addiction treatment in Mumbai.

Реабилитационный центр в Мумбаи

We provide art therapy and various alternative treatments in our rehab centre in Mumbai which help in quick addiction recovery. In addition, we have implemented the most tested approaches to present the patients with goals, hopes, and dreams to fulfill.

We perform in-depth analysis in every part of recovery just from emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual levels. We get it with our own approaches like group or individual counseling, yoga sessions, therapy sessions, and stress management.

Alcohol rehab in Mumbai

We have firm belief that patients getting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction need a balanced diet. We give a strong focus on preparing the right diet with all the nutrients to promote good hygiene. We have been offering unique alcohol and drug rehab programs and its duration varies as per the severity level of condition and individual needs.

Our rehab center is strategically located in Mumbai and offers transportation facilities. We are proud to have a great staff of psychiatrists and doctors who guide patients to take the initial step of recovery to lead a sober life. Our alcohol rehab program is very effective to help patients to deal with addiction by providing unique programs like meditation, yoga, individual and group therapies, and 12-step programs.

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